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13.12. Nordic Winner -09 International show , Helsinki
Bob Sillence, GB

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" workingclass VG

12.12. Finnish Winner -09 International show, Helsinki
Kirsi Nieminen & (intermediate dogs) Ricardo Pereira Leite, Portugal

Rushes Fire Design "Sonny" intermediateclass VG4
Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu" workingclass EH

11.10. Field trial qualification test, Mjösund
Ari Huttunen

Rushes Fire Design "Sonny"  Qualified in the field !

Congratulations Tero!

photo Ari Kataja

19.9. Tracking test, Finnish championchip, Oulu Utajärvi
Kari Pinola

Fi Tr Ch Rushes Country Song "Rossi" Winnerclass 2nd prize with 34 points.
Only lost track of the year today...but great that You were in Championship test!

19.9. Kaarina

All of the puppies are now moved to their new homes. Good luck with their new families and let's keep in touch!

6.9. Tracking test, Etelä-Pohjanmaa districts championship, Ilmajoki
Erkki Rantamäki

Fi Tr Ch Rushes Country Song "Rossi"   Winnerclass 1st prize with 48 points -> districts champion!

Huge congratulations Marjo! And good luck to Finnish championship competition!

foto Marjo Kuusisto-Rajala

5.9. Cold game test; Golden Ring championchip, Kemiönsaari
Risto Heikkonen

Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu" Novice class 2nd prize

30.8. Cold game qualification test, Kemiönsaari
Petri Tuominen

Rushes Gunman's Joy "Huvi"  Qualified in the field !

foto Niina Kujanpää

29.8. Group show, Pieksämäki
Kirsi Nieminen

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" workingclass EXL1

foto Fierymill

23.8. Tracking test, Virttaa
Heikki Pirhonen

Rushes Dancing Dream "Doris" winnersclass  1st prize / 48 points

Congratulations Kirsi and Doris! One to go...

9.8. Group show, Suonenjoki
Agneta Cardell, Swe

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" workingclass VG1

2.8. Tracking test, Oripää
Jukka Korsberg

Rushes Fast'n Furious "Nero" open class  1st prize / 40 points

Congratulations Jokke! Now Nero moves to winnerclass.

26.7 Tracking test, Kauhava
Erkki Nurmiranta

Fi Tr Ch Rushes Country Song "Rossi"   Winnerclass 1st prize with 46 points
Congratulations Marjo!

25.7. Group show, Kihniö
Raimo Louhio

Rushes Fast'n Furious "Nero" Intermediate VG1
Rushes Gunman's Joy "Huvi" Junior VG1
Rushes Fashion Design "Salli" Intermediate EXL1
Rushes Dancing Dream "Doris" Open EXL2
Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu" Working EXL1
Rushes BOB-breederclass

Thank you all for participating!
Special thanks to Riikka and Virpi for help with girls!

Rushes Fashion Design

Rushes Fashion Design

BOB breederclass : Doris, Sumu, Huvi and Salli

23.7. Summer Golden Show, Virrat
Riitta Niemelä

Rushes Good Hennessy "Sälli" JUN 4th


19.7. Cold game test, Antskog
Tobina Nyman

Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu" Novice class 3rd prize

5.7. All breed show, Hyvinkää
Filip Johnson, Sweden

Rushes Fire Design "Sonny" JUN VG4
Rushes Gunman's Joy "Huvi" JUN EXL4
Rushes Dancing Dream "Doris" OPEN VG


28.6. Golden retriever associations annual tracking championship
Kari Kielo

Rushes Fast'n Furious "Nero" openclass 3rd prize 20 points and he was best dog in open class!
Nero also gained Gundog-Cup trophy and a trophy to "dog with witch the judge would go to practical hunting"

Congratulations Jokke!

foto Tomi Muuri
Rushes Fast'n Furious "Nero" (kuva Tomi Muuri)

12.6. Cold game qualification test
Joni Höijer

Rushes Great Escape "Chili"  Qualified in the field !
Congratulations Carita!

6.6. All breeds show, Salo
Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen

Rushes Glenfiddich "Robi" juniorclass EXL2
Rushes Foxfire "Deia" juniorclass EXL1
Rushes Gunman's Joy "Huvi" juniorclass VG4

photo Tiina Valonen
Rushes Foxfire "Deia"

photo Markku Lindberg
Rushes Glenfiddich "Robi" (photo Markku Lindberg)

6.6. Cold game test, Nousiainen
Jyry Tuominen

Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu" Novice class 3rd prize

31.5. Group show, Iitti
Harto Stockmari

Rushes Great Escape "Chili" juniorclass VG4

30.5. Golden Special, Vantaa
Gail Brodie, Great Britain

Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu" workingclass VG

23.5. Group show, Tampere
Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen

Rushes Fast'n Furious "Nero" JUN EXL1
Rushes Great Escape "Chili" JUN VG
Rushes Fabulous Design "Cindy" JUN EXL4
Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu" WORK EXL3

foto Tiina Valonen
Rushes Fast'n Furious "Nero"

foto Tiina Valonen
Rushes Fabulous Design "Cindy"

foto Tiina Valonen
Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu"

23.5. International show, Helsinki
Igor Selimovic, Kroatia

Rushes Fire Design "Sonny" JUN VG3

10.5. Tracking test, Seinäjoki
Kristina Erkkilä

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" winnersclass  1st prize / 46 points
With these results, Rossi gained  FI Tracking Champion  title!

Our warmest congratulations to owner Marjo, you have done a great job!!!
Rossi is first champion of Rushes-kennel!


foto Heli Korpela

10.5. Tracking test, Oripää
Mikko Mikkonen (Doris) & Markus Aarni (Bella)

Rushes Dancing Dream "Doris" winnersclass  1st prize / 44 points
Rushes Depravity "Bella" open class 2nd / 32 points

Congratulations Kirsi & "Doris" and Terttu!

9.5. Cold game test, Vehmaa
Markku Bräyshy

Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu" Novice class 3rd prize

3.5. Tracking test, Kalanti
Jukka Korsberg

Rushes Fast'n Furious "Nero" open class  1st prize / 48 points

Congratulations Jokke! First test and 2nd best in test! Not bad at all!

3.5. Group show, Oulainen
Leila Kärkäs

Rushes Good Hennessy "Sälli"  BOS-puppy

Congratulations Marjo, you had a suberb weekend with boys!

2.5. Tracking test, Jalasjärvi
Torsten Lehrstrand

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" winnerclass  1st prize / 47 points

19.4. Unofficiel obediencetest, Lahti
Reija Siikalampi

Rushes Great Escape 8 months tried the playful test and got result novice class 2nd prize with 114/140 points.
Congratulations Carita and "Chili"!

18.4. Group show, Simpele
Raija Tammelin

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" working class VG1

18.4. Working test, Kemiö
Miso Sipola & Pauliina Ahola

Rushes Cool Honey started in test first time in novice class and got to the finals.
Then she decided to squeak and final result was 0.

4.4. Group show, Hausjärvi
Marja Talvitie

Rushes Great Escape "Chili"  BOB-puppy
Congratulations Carita!

Revarded at The Golden Ring's "The dog of the Year" competition:
Tracking dog of the year 2008 placement 5th; Rushes Country Song "Rossi" owner Marjo Kuusisto-Rajala
Tracking beginner of the year 2008 placement 3rd; Rushes Dancing Dream "Doris" owner Kirsi Paavilainen

8.3. Åbo Open Show, Turku
Helena Nyberg (dogs) & Susanne Björkman (bitches), Sweden

Rushes Glenfiddish "Ropi" babyclass 2nd HP

foto Tiina Valonen

Rushes Elvenpath "Veeti" 2nd in noviceclass

Rushes Fire Design "Sonny" juniorclass 1st HP (12 juniordogs)

foto Tiina Valonen

Rushes Fire Design "Sonny" participated with his dad Fi Mva Goldfellow Firepowerin to Best Brace competition with Ari and they Won BIS-1 Brace!

foto Tiina Valonen

Sonny did well at best male , he was 6th, just out from Best Dog. He also did well at Best Head competition, he was among at the final five.

Congratulations to You all and Thak You Ari handling Sonny so well!

1.3. Golden Ring Annual Championchip show, Porvoo
Ray Scholes (dogs)& Fiona Coward-Scholes (bitches), UK

Rushes Great Escape "Chili" puppies 5-7months 2nd HP

Rushes Gunman's Joy "Huvi" puppies 5-7months 4th

foto Tiina Valonen

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" workingclass EXL4

8.2. Puppyshow, Helsinki
Unto Timonen

Rushes Good Hennessy "Sälli" puppies 5-7months 2nd.

photo Anne Virtanen

6.1. Group show, Ilomantsi
Hannele Jokisilta

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" workingclass VG3