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Boys have moved to their new homes: Eddy to Turku and Sulo left to Pyhtää.
We hope good future and Christmas time to new families with little ones!
Still together
Last milkdrops

Playing with big sister
Koru and Sulo had fun together

7.11 Hyvinkää, group show
Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen

Rushes Another Honey intermediate class VG/4

Koru had a birthdaycard from her bothers Linus and Poppe from Sweden.
Congratulations to the brothers too!
Koru's brothers

Namu's puppies were born, we had two boys. Both mother and little ones are doing great.

Newborn Rushes-babies

22.5 Field Trial, Antskog
Ossi Kähärä

Namu open class , no result.

4.7 Karjaa, All breed show
Gun Holmström

Koru was again BOB-puppy!
Nougat veteranclass EXL/1, BB-2, got her 3rd CC and gained therefore her title FIN CH! She was also BOB-veteran.
What a wonderful weekend in shows!

photo: Pentti Anslin
BOB-vet. FIN CH Goldencoat Enough Ice & BOS-vet. FIN&EST CH Hiekkakankaan Xtra-Samu

3.7 Rusko, group show
Anja Puumala

Koru was BOB-puppy!

photo: Katja Engström
Photo: Katja Engström ©

12.6 Sauvo, Group Show
Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen and puppies Paula Rekiranta

Koru puppyclass 2nd with prize of honour
Koru 7 months
Rushes After Eight "Emma" juniorglass Very Good
Emma 1 year

29.5 Rauma, All Breed Show
Moa Persson (Swe)

Nougat veteranclass VG/1

22.5 Joensuu, All Breed Show
Arja Koskelo

Rushes Albion "Alpo" juniorclass VG/4.
Alpo getting ready
Alpo getting ready for show.

22.5 Field Trial, Hattula
Tobina Nyman

Namu started in open class at first time, no result today.

20.5 Match Show, Parainen
Gudrun Degert

Koru was best puppy and BIS-3

16.5 Field Trial, Västanfjärd
Raija Matikainen

Namu novice class 1st prize

After test

Today we had a puppymeeting.
It was really nice to meet you all.

Everyone who could come today
Here we go

Rushes A-litter celebrating their first birthday today! Happy Birthday Alpo, Archie, Emma, Jade, Pasi and Roope !!!

24.4 Laihia, group show
Markku Santamäki

Rushes Arquebus "Archie" juniorclass VG/3
Namu championclass EXL/1, BB-2.
Nougat veteranclass EXL/2, res CC

Archie 1 year
Rushes Arquebus "Archie"

10.4 Hausjärvi, group show
Hannele Jokisilta

Rushes Another Honey juniorclass Very Good

4.4 Kerava, puppy show
Markku Mähönen

Koru puppies 5-7 months 4th.

21.3 Tampere, Int.
Gertie van Gellicum (NED)

Namu champion class Very Good

14.3 Turku, Åbo Open Show
Helena Jansson (Swe)

Rushes Another Honey "Jade" was first time in junior class, no placement this time.
Namu working class 3rd

25.1 Turku, INT
Lynn Kipps (GB)

Namu working class EXL/3.
Rushes Another Honey "Jade" ended her puppy career by being

© Photo: Noora Suvinen
"Super personality. Very balanced outline. Level topline and tail set.
Good reach of neck. Very attentive for handler. Moved well."

At Christmas time little Koru moved here with us. Many thanks for Katrina and Leif for this lovely puppy!