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2.11. Puppyshow, Turku
Outi Piisi-Putta

Rushes Final Frontier "Jasu" 2. HP puppies 7-9 months
Rushes Fire Design "Sonny" 4. puppies 7-9 months
Rushes Fast'n Furious "Nero" not placed
Rushes Fabulous Design "Cindy" 2. HP puppies 7-9 months
Rushes Foxfire "Deia" 3. puppies 7-9 months
Our breedersgroup was 2.HP

Than you all for participating!

photo Tiina Valonen

Rushes Final Frontier "Jasu"

photo Tiina Valonen
Rushes Fabulous Design "Cindy"


Now has all puppies moved to their new homes, exept our Huvi :). Good luck with them!

5.10. Finnish Retriever Associations Championchipshow, Hyvinkää
Sua Almay, United Kingdom

Rushes Fabulous Design "Cindy" 4th at puppies 5-7 months

28.9 Tracking test, Kauhava
Erkki Rantamäki

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" winnersclass 2nd / 37 points

28.9 Tracking test, Golden Retriever championchip, Oripää
Jukka Korsberg (Doris) and Juhani Heikniemi (Bella)

Rushes Dancing Dream "Doris" winnersclass 2nd / 37 points.
Rushes Depravity "Bella" open class 2 / 34 points.
Bela got also prize "Dog who makes judge run most" :)

Congratulations Kirsi and Terttu!

photo Pia Kyllönen

"Hardest runners" Rushes Depravity & Fin Tr Ch Goldwater Step Forward owner. Marjo & Jussi Viinikka

21.9. Puppyshow, Orivesi
Marja Talvitie

Rushes Fashion Design "Salli" 4th at puppies 5-7 months

7.9. Finnish Golden retriever Associations mainshow, Kirkkonummi
Ray Strudwick GB (dogs) ja Lyn Strudwick GB (bitches)

Rushes Fire Design "Sonny" 3rd at puppies 5-7 months
Rushes Foxfire "Deia" 4th HP at puppies 5-7 months



31.8. Field trial qualification test, Vehmaa
Ossi Kähärä

Rushes Another Honey "Jade" Qualified in the field. Congratulations Juhana & Noora!

photo Noora Jasmavaara

24.8 Tracking test, Virttaa
Marko Saarni (Doris) and Heikki Pirhonen (Bella)

Rushes Depravity "Bella" open class 2 / 38 points.
Rushes Dancing Dream "Doris" openclass 1st prize / 42 points and transferred to winnersclass

Congratulations Kirsi and Terttu!

23.8. Group show, Mikkeli
Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" workingclass VG1


Sumu & Billy puppies were born.

3.8. Tracking test, Kauhava
Jarmo Nummijärvi

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" got winnersclass 1st prize with 42points
Congratulations Marjo !

2.8. International show, Kuopio
Fred Peddis, CAN

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" workingclass VG4

1.8. International show, Kuopio
Inga Siil, EST

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" workingclass EXL4

photo Ramin Miraftabi

20.7. Cold game test, Närpiö
Ari-Pekka Fontell

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" novice class 3rd prize.

29.6. All breeds show, Järvenpää
Saija Juutilainen

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" workingclass VG2

20.6. Internationaal show, Rovaniemi
Kust Nilsson, Swe

Rushes Elf From Arcitc "Pila" juniorclass VG2

15.6. Group show, Raisio
Alenka Cerne, SLO

Rushes Depravity "Bella" intermediateclass EXL4

14.6. Cold game test, Evijärvi
Pentti Åman

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" got 1st prize
Thousand congratulations Marjo !!!

photos Middle River's, Thank you!

14.6. Group show, Närpiö
Markku Santamäki

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru" workingclass EXL1 BB-3

8.6. Group show, Lohja
Raija Tammelin

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru" workingclass VG2

We have left our tail home today... (picture of running Koru)

7.6. Group show, Toijala
Raimo Louhio

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru" workingclass EXL1 BB-1 CC & BOB.
Group judge was also Raimo Louhio. Groups 7 and 8 were judged together
Koru continued her happy showing and was also BIG-1.
Our day ended by Koru winning Best In Show 2 under Jens Martin Hansen, DK!

kuva Elina Koivisto

BOS Int&Fin&Est&S CH EstW-08 Karvin Inside Edition - BOB Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine

kuva Elina Koivisto

Korun running in BIS-ring

kuva Elina Koivisto

Finally BIS-2

25.5. Tracking test, Sauvo
Marko Saarni

Rushes Depravity "Bella" open class 2nd prize with 37 points.
Rushes Dancing Dream "Doris" open class 1 st prize with 44 points!
Congratulations to Kirsi and Terttu!

24.5. Field trial qualification test, Liperi
Tapio Sihvonen

Rushes Eagleheart "Sulo" Qualified in the field. Congratulations Anna and Ramin!

photo Anna & Ramin Miraftabi

photo Anna & Ramin Miraftabi

18.5. Tracking test, Virttaa
Tuija Sällylä

Rushes Depravity "Bella" open class 3rd prize with 27 points.

17.5. Working test, Lapua
Miso Sipola & Pauliina Ahola

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" novice class 2nd prize 5th place out of 14 dogs.

photo Middle Rivers/Maarit Saarinen

photo Middle Rivers/Maarit Saarinen
photo Middle Rivers/Maarit Saarinen
Photos Middle River's, thank you!


Now has all the puppies moved to their new homes. Good luck to all!

11.5. All breeds show, Rauma
August De Wilde (B)

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru" working class 2nd with Exellent.

4.5. Tracking test, Nurmo
Jarmo Nummijärvi

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" Winnersclass 2nd prize with 36 points.

3.5. Group show, Koski TL
Arja Koskelo

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru" working class 1st with Exellent.

photo Kati Grön

27.4. Onternational show, Lahti
Borge Espeland, Norway

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru" working class 2nd with Very good.

photo Kati Grön

13.4. Group show, Kajaani
Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen

Rushes Eagleheart juniorclass VG

5.4. Group show, Polvijärvi
Paula Rekiranta

Rushes Eagleheart juniorclass VG 3

30.3. Group show, Korpilahti
Hannele Jokisilta

Rushes Eagleheart juniorclass VG 2

22.3. Group show, Rovaniemi
Hannele Jokisilta

Rushes Elf From Arctic juniorclass EXL 2

16.3. Winter trials, Mänttä
Marja-Leena Lampinen & Tiina Pikkuaho

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" participated winter cold game test.
This year "Rossi" got 45,5p (max 50p) and placed 7th out of 25. Congratulations!

9.3. Åbo Open Show, Turku
Dogs: Åsa Lindström, kennel River Race (Swe)
Bitches: Bengt Danielsson kennel Crusade (Swe)

Rushes Elvenpath "Veeti" juniorclass 4th.
Rushes Baikal "Eddy" noviceclass 5th.

Rushes Depravity "Bella" was 4th in the big noviceclass with 17 bitches.

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru" workingclass 1st. HP and finally BIS-2 workingdog

BIS-2 Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine & BIS-1 Multi CH Fairfield Fireminstrel

Thank you for participating Antti & Jenna, Tero & Heli and Terttu.

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" gained 3rd place at Golden Retrieverclub's Tracking-beginners competition.
Congratulations to you Marjo and also to "Rossi-boy"!


Rushes Cosmic Star "Cosmo" is now so called Friendship-dog who does voluntary work among old people and children.
We wish you many happy moments, Niina & "Cosmo", with your new valuable hobby.