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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006!

13.11 Kaarina, Puppy Show
Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

Solstrimmans Sophisticated Design "Rauha" won puppies 7-9 months and got also prize of honour.
Rauha was also 2nd best bitch puppy. Congratulations Anne!

30.10 Lahti, GR
Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen

Solstrimmans Sophisticated Design "Rauha" was 3rd in puppies 7-9 months. Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru" was with us to visit her breeders who were at the show also.

Rushes B-boys 1 year today...happy birthday to Eddy and Sulo!!!

Puppies have moved to their new homes. Samu to Parainen, Cosmo to Turku and Rossi to Seinäjoki. Sumu is staying at home :). Good luck with your new families!

Adam, father of Rushes B- and C-litter gained yesterday also title FIN CH, congratulations to Katrina and Leif and a big hug for Adam!

Third Rushes-litter was born.

2.7 Pärnu Estonia, Int.
Arja Koskelo

Rushes Another Honey "Jade" open class VG/3
FIN MVA Tottelina Quickstep "Linus" BD-3, ResCacib
Many THANKS Pia for taking Jade with you!!!

Pia and Jade in the ring

18.6 Rusko, Group show
Tord Lundborg (Swe)

Rushes After Eight "Emma" Open class VG/4

4.6 Rauma, All Breeds
Harry Tast

Rushes Baikal "Eddy" was second in puppyclass

Rushes A-litter 2 years! Happy Birthday!!!

FIN CH Goldencoat Enough Ice "Nougat" 23.01.95 - 27.04.05
photo: Karoliina Koivisto

Welcome to Finlad Rauha :) Thank you so much again Katrina and Leif!

Today Turku Goldens revarded their successful dogs, we got something too :) Namu was rewarded from changing class in hunting test and Nougat getting her FIN CH title last summer.

13.3 Turku, Open Show
Lena Widebeck (Swe)

Rushes Another Honey intermediate class 4th.
Koru in open class, no placemet today. Nougat was shown in two classes: working 2nd and prize of honour, veteran 3rd and prize of honour

Great news, Koru is heathy!

19.2 Tornio, group show
Markku Santamäki

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru" started her showcareer with result intermediate class EXL/2.

Koru and mother Wilma

Koru and her mother Wilma at show

29.1 Turku, Int.
Leila Kärkäs

Rushes Another Honey intermediate class Very Good

23.1 Ilomantsi, group show
Harry Tast

Rushes Albion "Alpo" intermediate class Good

Nuksu is celebrating her 10 years day today.
Nuksu 10 years

I heard really sad news today: Rushes Al Pacino "Pasi" passed away last night.
We all miss Pasi very much, our deepest symphaties to "Pasis" family .