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30.9 Field trial test Pomarkku
Ossi Kähärä

Koru novice class with 3rd prize.

10.9 Field trial qualification test Vehmaa
Ossi Kähärä

Rushes Coool Honey "Sumu" Qualified in the field
Patrik was in test with Sumu, well done :)

2.9 Field trial qualification test Närpiö
Ari-Pekka Fontell

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" Qualified in the field
We are so happy for you Marjo, thanks!

Rossi after test

4th Rushes-litter was born

13.8 All breed show Raisio
Raimo Louhio

Koru working class EXL/2, BB-4 and resCC!

6.8 Tracking test Kuortane
Ilkka Niemi

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" got open class 2nd prize/30 points in very hot weather
Congratulations Marjo & Rossi, very well done!

Rossi tracking

5.8 Internationell dog show Kuopio
Bjarne Sörensen (N)

Koru working class Very Good/2nd

23.7 Tracking test Kauhava
Heikki Kulo

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" got open class 2nd prize/31 points at his first start!
Congratulations Marjo, what a good start!

15.7 Field trial test Mjösund
Andrea Standertskjöld

Koru started first time in novice class with 2nd prize.

Rushes C-litter 1 year today! Sumu sends warm hugs to her brothers Cosmo, Rossi and Samu!

18.6 Forssa, all breeds
Alenca Cerne (SLO)

Koru open class EXL.

17.6 Tuuri, all breeds
Saija Juutilainen

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" juniorclass Good
Koru open class EXL/3

Photo Annukka Koski

3-4.6 I was in field trial weekend in Sweden. It was really nice to be there, learn new things and meet new people and their dogs. I want to thank a lot kennel Solstrimmans and Toffeedrems who made this memoradle weekend possible!

27.5 Sauvo, group show
Marjo Jaakkola

Koru open class Very Good
Namu veteranclass Very Good/3rd

20.5 Rauma, All breed
Åke Sjöström (Swe)

Rushes Another Honey "Jade" open class EXL/3, BB-3, ResCC!!!
Congatulations Juhana & Noora!

At the sama time in Hauho
Koru got her field trial qualification! Judge was Mr Risto Heikkonen.

Wonderful news fron Finish Kennelclub:
Solstrimmans Sophisticated Design "Rauha" hips BB and elbows 0, also
Rushes Baikal "Eddy" hips BB and elbows 0 !!!

Rushes A-litter 3 years today! Congratulations to Alpo, Archie, Emma, Jade and Roope!

A card from Roope, thank you so much :)

8.4 Marttila, Group show
Tarja Hovila (Fin)

Sumu juniorclass Very Good (without coat)
Solstrimmans Sophisticated Design "Rauha" juniorclass VG/4 (10 junior bitches)

12.3 Turku, Åbo Open Show
Leif Bäckström (Swe)

Sumu 7-9 month puppies, no placement
Rushes Another Honey "Jade" 2nd in novice class.
Jade ja isäntä
Namu working class 2nd HP.
Namu ja Pia

Thank you Pia for handling my girls!

26.2 Helsinki, Puppy Show
Saija Juutilainen

Rushes Country Song "Rossi" won puppies 7-9 months and recieved also HP. Congratulations Marjo!
Sumu was 4th in her class.

photo: Juha Lipponen
Rossi 7 months posing (really not wanted to)

photo: Juha Lipponen


Rauha's life
Rauha is celebrating her 1 year birthday today! Congratulations!