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12.6. Lokalahti, Hunting trial B for retrievers - cold game
Juha Tenhunen

Rushes For Whom The Bell Tolls "Pate" 3rd prize noviceclass

Congratulations Päivi!

12.6. Pöytyä, Group show
Mr Aleksandar Petrovic, Serbia

Rushes Ghost Love Score "Tove" INT EXC2 CQ
Rushes Pancake With Honey "Lettu" WORK EXC2

Congratulations Kirsi!

10.6. Alavus, Rally-obedience
Mrs Tytti Lintenhofer

TK2 RTK3 BH Rushes New Token "Rasa"  MESHYV 86p. placed 2nd.

Congratulations Marjo!

29.5. Keuruu, Group show
Mrs Hannele Jokisilta

Rushes Painter's Joy "Alma" OPEN EXC3

Congratulations Mari!

28.5. Seinäjoki, Rally-obedience
Mrs Fiia-Maria Kivioja

TK2 RTK3 BH Rushes New Token "Rasa"  MESHYV 89p.

Congratulations Marjo!

28.5. Nousiainen, Group show
Mrs Arja Koskelo

Rushes The Pharaoh Sails To Orion "Remy" INT EXC1
Rushes Shudder Before The Beautiful "Aune" INT VG1
Rushes Pancake With Honey "Lettu" KÄY EXC2 CQ BB-4

Congratulations Tero&Heli & Nina!

26.5. Turku,Group show
Mr Henrik Härling, SE

Rushes The Greatest Show On Earth "Kassu" INT EXC3
Rushes Ghost Love Score "Tove" INT EXC1 SA
Rushes Pancake With Honey "Lettu" WORK EXC2

Congratulations Kirsi T-K & Kirsi P.!

14.5. Raisio, Rally-obedience training

We arranger Rally-training for our offspring, Saara Dufva came to teach us. Thank you Saara !
Thanks to everyone!


9.5. Kemiönsaari, Working test
Mr Jari Särkänlahti

Rushes For Whom the Bell Tolls "Pate"  1st prize noviceclass 91p. placed 3/29
RTK4 Rushes Obi-Wan "Jedi" 2nd prize beginnersclass 72p.

Congratulations Päivi and Kristina!

9.4. Lohja, Rally-obedience
Mrs Raili Sonninen-Korhonen

RTK3 Rushes Masquerade "Sani"  VOIHYV ->RTK3 71/100p.

Congratulations Merita!

2.4. Salo, Rally-obedience
Mrs Jaana Karppinen

RTK3 Rushes Obi-Wan "Jedi"  MESHYV ->RTK4 93/100p.

Congratulations Kristina!

23.3. Jyväskylä

Fi WrCh & RobCh TK1 TK2 Rushes Next Love "Nova" is Middle Finlands Retrieverassociations Active pair 2021, Water rescue dog 2021 and Obedience dog 2021!

Congratulations Saara & Nova!

26.2. Seinäjoki, Rally-obedience
Mrs Minna Hillebrand

RTK1 TK1 Rushes Painter's Joy "Alma"  AVOHYV ->RTK2 99/100p. and classwinner

Congratulations Mari!


19.2. Jyväskylä, Rally-Rally-obedience
Mrs Pia Heikkinen

Fi WrCh & RobCh TK1 TK2 Rushes Next Love "Nova  MESHYV 92/100p.

Congratulations Saara!


8.1. Salo, Rally-obedience
Mrs Anna Klingenberg

RTK3 Rushes Obi-Wan "Jedi"  MESHYV 82/100p.

Congratulations Kristina!