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9.11 Kaarina, pyppy show
Leila Kärkäs

R. Another Honey, "Jade" puppies 5-7 months 2nd with HP.
R. After Eight, "Emma" was 3rd.

19.10 Kaarina, pyppy show
Unto Timonen

R. Another Honey, "Jade" puppies 5-7 months 3rd with HP.

5.10 Pomarkku, field trial
Jyry Tuominen

Namu ended her field trial season nicely by getting 1st prize from novice class

28.9 Turku, Character test
Jorma Lankinen and Kai Tarkka

Namu passed the Finnish kennelclubs charactertest.

6-7.9 Korppoo, field trial
Jyry Tuominen, Veijo Honka and Ossi Kähärä

Saturday: Namu Novice class 2 & Nougat Open class 3
Sunday: Namu Novice class 3 & Nougat Open class 0

9.8 Kiikoinen, field trial test
Ossi Kähärä

Namu novice class 2 nd prize
Here you can see pictures

Puppies are now moved to their new homes. We wish good luck to them all with their new familys !

© foto: Sod
Everyone still togerher

28. 4.
First Rushes-litter was born

Goldencoat Whisky With Ice "Fanta" 5.8.1991 - 23.4.2003
Rest in peace my dear, sweet friend. I will miss you.

12.4 Turenki, group show
Raimo Louhio

Nougat veteranclass EXL/1, resCC and BOB-veteran

30.3 Kankaanpää, group show
Paula Rekiranta

Namu in the working class EXL/1.

9.3 Turku, Åbo Open Show
Willy Rosenqvist (Swe)

Namu was 2nd in working class with HP.
Nougat won seniorclass, got HP and finally was BIS-2 senior. Thank you Pia for handling Nougat so well!!
Melli (Hiekkakankaan Spring Flower) was 4th in juniorclass.

BIS-1 and BIS-2 senior foto:Vicki
BIS-1 INT&FIN&S&EST CH W-97 BaltW-98 NordW-01 Hoyden Rolls Royce and BIS-2 Goldencoat Enough Ice

25.1 Turku, INT.
J.M.Clark, UK

I tried the new showrules with my 'borrowed' dog Melli (Hiekkakankaan Spring Flower owner Mika Ekman). Melli was for the first time in the junior class and got an EXL. The new rules was a bit confusing, it will take a while to get used to them.

Melli 10 months