Rushes Cool Honey "Sumu"
bitch b.6.7.2005 - died 2.2.2019

hips B/B
elbows 0/0
eyes OK
DNA test for GR_PRA1 clear

Sumu 3,5 years
Sumu 1,5 years

S & FIN CH Solstrimmans Song of Saga A K0 NORD UCH INT TRIALER Inassicas Song of Songs UA
Shanlimore Falcon UA
Inassicas Stephanie UA K1
INT & S & N UCH Solstrimmans Wintersaga UA INT & S & N & FIN UCH Cracksavon Crackerjack UA
N UCH Dewmist Santinella UA
FIN CH Goldencoat Honey'n Ice A K0 INT & FIN CH W-00 Dream Max Drop Zone A K0/K1 Chribas Cannonball Caddy H
Sandusky Kiss and Tell H
FIN CH Goldencoat Touch of Ice B1 Linchael Red Admiral at Raynesgold A1
SF CH Hiekkakankaan Iceprincess X*

Qualified in the field
Cold game test beginners class 1st prize
Golden retirievers championchip 2dn prize and best bitch
Workingclass EXL1 CCQ
3 x BOS veteran, BOB veteran
4tn best bitch
Water rescue qualification test passed, 2 x 1st prize in noviceclass
MH character description accomplished

Breeder & owner: Tuuli Söderlund