Rushes Seek And Destroy "Mosha"
bitch   D.o.b. 22.7.2018


pra1 & pra 2 clear

Solargold Vintage Version A K0
Field qualification
Vofcit's Sky's The Limit A K0 No Ch Mjaerumhögdas Crusader A
Vofcit's Made In Heaven A/B K0
Fi & Ee Ch Solargold Sunny Suntan B K0 Cosmona's Jungle Fever A K0
cold game test 3rd prize openclass
Greenhill's Zenith B K0
Rushes Natural Honey C K0 Vesterlyng*s Token of Clyde A K0
cold game test 1st prize openclass, warm game test 1st prize openclass
DK BRCH Clockburn Clooneen B K0
Respons Kramiga Kexnougat-Ten
cold game test 1st prize noviceclass
Rushes Joy of Honey B K1
cold game test 1st prize noviceclass
AT Ch Golden Mountain Springs Ethan Clyde A K0
Field qualification, winner of cold game test
Fi Ch Rushes Gunman's Joy B K0
cold game test 2nd prize openclass

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