Koru & Ture puppies were born 31.7.09. 2 dogs and 4 bitches.

NORD & FI & SE & NO Tracking Champion
Solstrimmans Wild Adventure "Ture"

Hips B/B, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear
Shows: working class 3rd with Very Good
Qualified in the field
Tracking test 2 x 1st prize in open class, 3 x 1st prize winnersclass
Golden tracking championchip best open class dog 2008
From Sweden Tracking test 1st prize with prize of honour and the best dog in test
From Norway Tracking test 1st prize
Owner: Pia Kyllönen
Ture's pages

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru"
Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear
2 x BOB-puppy
CC, res-CC
Qualified in the filed
Cold game test novice class 2nd prize
Rushes High Voltage

Rushes Hardy Adventure

Rushes Hot'n Wild

Rushes High Arctic

Rushes Hailstone

Rushes Hairbreadth Escape

Photos Pia Kyllönen.


NORD & FI & SE & NO Tracking Champion Solstrimmans Wild Adventure B K0 S U(u)CH Stanroph Say Hi to Rossmix A K0 GB SH CH Stanroph Endelwood Nicolas 5:7
JW Stanroph She's Got the Looks 3:6
S U(u)CH N UCH Solstrimmans Ztarglance A K0 S U(u)CH & VCH Seamountains Amazing Acke B K0
S U(u)CH N UCH Solstrimmans Ztardust Design A K0
Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine A K0 Solstrimmans Äntörtejnör UA N CH Black Purples Best of Toby UA
Rossbourne Fascination UA
INT & NORD & N & S & FIN CH Solstrimmans Arctic Amethyst A K1 Stanroph Sandboy UA
Solstrimmans Ålattvanns UA
Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Results
Rushes Hardy Adventure (Luka) dog B/B 0/0 ok Puppycl 3rd
Rushes High Voltage (Vänkä) dog D/C 0/0 ok Puppycl 2nd HP
Rushes Hailstone (Selma) bitch B/B 0/0    
Rushes Hairbreadht Escape (Hilla) bitch B/B 0/0 ok  
Rushes High Arctic (Daisy) bitch A/A 0/0   Puppycl 2nd, openclass EXC
Rushes Hot'n Wild (Heta) bitch C/B 0/2