Koru & Adam puppies vere born 25.2.2007. 5 boys and 2 girls.

S & FIN CH Solstrimmans Song of Saga "Adam"
hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
BOB, BOS, Cacib
Field trial open class 1st prize
Owner: Katrina&Leif Bäckström, kennel Solstrimman, Kalix, Sweden

Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine "Koru"
hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
2 x BOB-puppy,
Qualified in the field
Field trial novice class 2nd prize
Sulo2 7 weeks
Rushes Eagleheart
Sulo3 7 weeks
Rushes Everdream
7 weeks
Rushes Elvenpath
Arttu 7 weeks
Rushes Eragon
Tino 7 weeks
Rushes Enfield
Pila 7 weeks
Rushes Elf From Arctic
 7 weeks
Rushes Extra Arctic

Photos taken by Ramin and Anna Miraftabi, thank you!

S & FIN CH Solstrimmans Song of Saga A K0
field trial open 1st p.
NORD CH INT TRIALER Inassicas Song of Songs UA
Shanlimore Falcon UA
3 x CC
Inassicas Stephanie UA K1
3 x CC
INT & S & N CH Solstrimmans Wintersaga UA
field trial open 1st p.
INT & S & N & FIN CH Cracksavon Crackerjack UA
field trial vin. 3rd p.
N CH Dewmist Santinella UA
6 x CC
Solstrimmans Arctic Aquamarine A K0
field trial nov. 2nd p.
Solstrimmans Äntörtejnör UA
N CH Black Purples Best of Toby UA
field trial nov. 2nd p.
Rossbourne Fascination UA
field trial nov. 2nd p.
INT & S & FIN CH Solstrimmans Arctic Amethyst A K1
nome avo 1
Stanroph Sandboy UA
CC, field trial nov. 1st p.
Solstrimmans Ålattvanns UA
Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Results
Rushes Eagleheart (Sulo) dog C/C 0/0
knees 0/0
ok Puppycl 2nd./ ftcl EXL1
Qualified in the field
died 14.8.2014
Rushes Elvenpath (Veeti) dog A/A 0/0 ok died 16.10.2015
Rushes Everdream (Sulo) dog A/A 2/2 * ok Died 21.9.2009 in accident
Rushes Enfield (Tino) dog A/A 0/0 ok  
Rushes Eragon (Arttu) dog B/B 0/0 ok  
Rushes Elf From Arctic (Pila) bitch A/A 0/0 ok open EXL1 CCQ BB-3 CC, res-CC. BOS-vet.
Sweden: res-CC, res-CACIB
Rushes Extra Arctic bitch       died 18.4.07
* OD-operation at age of 8 months

Car after mating trip...