Jade & Oula puppies were born 14.8.06. 1 boy & 5 girls

FIN MVA BH Mäntypirtin Omar "Oula"
Hips B/B, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
3 x CC, 5 x resCC, Cacib, VSP
Field trial novice class 2nd prize
Finish Kennelclubs charactertest approved 157p.
Approved behaviourtest (BH)
Obedience 2 x novice class 1st prize
Owner: Pia & Pasi Halvari, kennel Kultahännän, Kivitaipale

Rushes Another Honey "Jade"
Hips B/B, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
BB-3, resCC
Qualified in the field

6 weeks
Rushes Dagger
6 weeks
Rushes Dancing Dream
6 weeks
Rushes Dream Theater
6 weeks
Rushes Darkness
6 weeks
Rushes Depravity
6 weeks
Rushes Dragonfly

FIN CH BH Mäntypirtin Omar B K0
FT novice class 2nd,
FKC charactertest 157p.
NORD & INT CH Cracksavon Crackerjack UA
FT winner class 2nd
GB CH Meant To Be at Moorquest
GB SH CH Muskan Most Charming at Cracksavon
Mäntypirtin Minttu B K0
tracking open class 1st, 3xCC
Cheers Undercover Agent UA
Tiffany A
qualified in the field
Rushes Another Honey B K0
KANS & FIN & EST CH ESTW-02 Pauclare Phylanderer A K0 AUST CH Standfast Drem Ticket from Kerrien 6:4
Pauclare Pierian Spring 8:8
FIN CH Goldencoat Honey'n Ice A K0
FT novice class 2 x 1st
FKC charactertest 142p.
KANS & FIN CH W-00 Dream Max Drop Zone A K0/K1
FIN CH Goldencoat Touch of Ice B1
Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Results
Rushes Dagger (Dani) dog B/B 0/1 ok No testicles
died 18.5.2017
Fi Tr Ch Rushes Dancing Dream (Doris) bitch B/B 2/1 ok Open EXL2
Tracking test winnersclass 3 x 1st prize
Rushes Darkness (Muumi) bitch A/A 0/0 ok  
Rushes Depravity (Bella) bitch A/A 0/0 ok Open EXL3
Tracking test open class 2nd prize
died 17.1.2019
Rushes Dragonfly (Lilli) bitch A/A 1/2 mrd  
Rushes Dream Theater (Muusa) bitch A/A 0/0 ok Puppyclass 2nd
Waterrescue qualification test, 2 x novice class 1st prize
died 11.6.2018