3 dogs and 1 bitch were born 6.7.2005

Adam summer 2004
Solstrimmans Song of Saga "Adam"

Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
BOB, BOS, 2 x Cacib
Field trial novice class 1st prize, open class 1st
owner: Katrina&Leif Bäckström, kennel Solstrimman, Kalix, Sweden

Namu 6 years
Goldencoat Honey'n Ice "Namu"

Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
Field trial novice class 2x1st prize,
Finnish Kennel Clubs approved charactertest

Rushes Cosmic Star
Rushes Crossbow
Rossi 7vko
Rushes Country Song
Sumu 7vko
Rushes Cool Honey

photo Asta Pykäläniemi
C-faces, photo taken by Asta Pykäläniemi


S & FIN CH Solstrimmans Song of Saga A K0
NORD CH INT TRIALER Inassicas Song of Songs UA
Shanlimore Falcon UA
Inassicas Stephanie UA K1
INT & S & N CH Solstrimmans Wintersaga UA
INT & S & N & FIN CH Cracksavon Crackerjack UA
N CH Dewmist Santinella UA
FIN CH Goldencoat Honey'n Ice A K0
INT & FIN CH W-00 Dream Max Drop Zone A K1 Chribas Cannonball Caddy H
Sandusky Kiss and Tell H
FIN CH Goldencoat Touch of Ice B1 Linchael Red Admiral at Raynesgold A1
SF CH Hiekkakankaan Iceprincess X*
Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Results
Rushes Cosmic Star (Cosmo) dog D/E 0/0 ok one testicle,
died 17.4.2018
Fi Jva TK1 TK2Rushes Country Song (Rossi) dog A/A 0/2 ok Qualified in the field
Cold game test 1st prize, openclass 3rd prize & working test novice class 2nd prize
Tracking open class 2 x 1st prize, winnersclass 5 x 1st p., Districts champion 2009
Obedience novice class 3 x 1st prize TK1, 3 x open 1st prize TK2
Water rescue qualification test, 2 x ALO1, 3 x AVO1, VOI1
BH test approved
Shows: Puppy 2nd Hp,EXL/1
died 13.1.2016
Rushes Crossbow (Samu) dog B/B 0/0 ok died 2/2018
Rushes Cool Honey (Sumu) bitch B/B 0/0 ok / gr_pra1 clear Qualified in the field, Cold game test 2nd prize
Work EXL1 CCQ, BOS-veteran
water rescue qualificationtest passed,1st prize in noviceclass, 3rd prize openclass
MH character description accomplished