Puppies were born 29.2.2016. 4 males and 4 females.

FI CH Häämörin Yhteisyritys "Ykä"
Hips B/B, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
ICT-A clear
Qualified in the field
cold game test open class 2 x 1st prize, 2nd prize winnersclass
Working test open class 2nd prize
Shows: 3 x CAC, BD-4,res-CAC

Owner: Niina Kreivilä & Juha Lähteenmäki, Turku

FI WRCH Resound Celtic Sea Shell "Cara"
Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
ICT-A Affected
Qualified in the field
cold game test novice class 2 x 1st prize
working test novice class 2st prize
water rescue champion
MH characterdescription
Shows: EXC, CQ
Owner: Jaana Sorjonen, Helsinki
Rushes Obi-Wan

Rushes Orange Peel

Rushes Odd Thomas

Rushes Original Diamond

Jade 6vko
Rushes Optimus Prime

Rushes Opera Singer

Jade 6vko
Rushes Operation Mindcrime

Rushes Oblivion


Fi Ch Häämörin Yhteisyritys B K0
cold game test AVO1, wt AVO2
FI CH FI WCH SE CH FI TRCH Trevater Macoy A/B K0
obedience AVO1
Muskan Most Likely 3:3
GB SH CH Sandusky Khamsin at Trewater 5:4
Heathermead Melissa A K0
cold game test VOI2
Ipcress Sir Thomas 6:4
Heathermead Mesmerist
Resound Celtic Sea Shell A K0
cold game test ALO2, wt ALO1
Weljesten Elixir Au A K0
cold game test VOI1, wt AVO2
INT FT CH Featherquest Shadow A
FI WCH Aquatrine A K0
field trial A3, wt VOI3, obedience ALO2
Resound Crossanyriver A/B K0 Owlet's Tango A K0
cold game test ALO1
FI CH FI & SE OCH Lilldale's Golden Fashion C K0
cold game test ALO1
Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Results
Rushes Obi-Wan (Jedi) male B/B 0/0 ok ictyosis carrier
puppyclass 3rd, work EXC1, BIS-2 workingdog GR specialityshow 2018
Qualified in the field
Rushes Odd Thomas (Teukka) male B/A 0/0   ictyosis carrier
jun VG3
Rushes Operation Mindcrime (Pate) male C/C 0/0 ok ictyosis carrier
Rushes Optimus Prime (Reino) male B/B 0/0 ok ictyosis carrier
Rushes Oblivion (Aava) female B/B 0/0 ok; ictyosis carrier
TK1 Rushes Opera Singer (Siru) female A/A 0/0 ok ictyosis carrier
Qualified in the field
Obedience test 3 x 1st prize in noviceclass, 2 nd prize openclass
Rushes Orange Peel (Siiri) female D/D 0/0 ok ictyosis carrier
jun VG4
Rushes Original Diamond (Cisu) female A/A 0/0 ok
pra1 clear
ictyosis carrier
open VG
Water rescue qualification passed, 2 x 1st prize beginnersclass
Qualified in the field