Puppies were born 13.1.2015, 4 males and 3 females

Vesterlyng's Token of Clyde "Clyde"
Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
GR_PRA1 & PRA2, prcd-pra clear
ICT-A clear
Qualified in the field
cold game test open class 1st prize
Field trial open class 1st prize
Working test open class 3rd prize

Owner: Allan Mortensen, kennel Vesterlyng's, Danmark

Rushes Joy of Honey "Hoddu"
Hips B/B, elbows 1/1, eyes OK
GR_PRA1 & PRA2 clear
ICT-A clear
Qualified in the field
Cold game test noviceclass 2nd prize
Rushes Next Love

Rushes Next Joy

Rushes New Token

Rushes Neverending Story

Jade 6vko
Rushes Nine Inch Nail.

Rushes Natural Honey

Rushes Nagant


Vesterlyng´s Token of Clyde A K0
nome-b AVO1, nome-a AVO1
DK BRCH Clockburn Clooneen B K0 FTW Greenfoot Rum
FTW Clockburn Commotion
Respons Kramiga Kexnougat-Ten
nome-b ALO1
Gainwill Marchall A K0
nome-b AVO1, nome-a AVO2
SECH DKCH SEJCH Respons Vinjett-Ten B
Rushes Joy of Honey B K1
nome-b ALO2
AT MVA Golden Mountain Springs Ethan Clyde A K0
Hyväksytty taipumuskoe (Itävalta), Kylmän riistakokeen voitto
AustCH Stanroph School Boy 4:5
AT CH Fantasy Fair vom Golden Glemmtal B1 K0
BGH 1+2, BLP, WT M+S, Vesi- ja taipumuskoe:1998
Rushes Gunman's Joy B K0
nome-b AVO2
Se Ch Combine Hennessy A K0
nome-b AVO2
Rushes Cool Honey B K0
nome-b ALO1
Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Results
Rushes Nagant (Rocky) dog B/C 0/0 ok
pra1 & pra2 clear
ictyosis clear
RTK1 TK1 BH Rushes New Token (Rasa) dog B/B 0/0 ok
pra1 & pra2 clear
Spine: LTV0, SP0, VA0
ictyosis clear
puppy 4th HP, workingcl VG3
Qualified in the field
BH test passed
MH characterdescription
Obedience noviceclass 1st prize
Rally-obedience 3 x ALOHYV
RTK1 RTK2 RTK3 Rushes Next Love (Nova) dog D/C 0/0 ok
pra1 & pra2 clear
ictyosis clear
Water rescue qualificationtest passed, 2 x 1st prize novicaclass, 3 x 1st prize opencl, 1st prize winnersclass
Rally-obedience 3xALOHYV & RTK1 & 3 x AVOHYV & RTK2, 3 x VOIHYV & RTK3
openclass EXC2
MH characterdescription, FKC's charactertest approved with +138 points
Rushes Nine Inch Nail (Nemo) dog C/B 0/0 pra1 & pra2 clear ictyosis clear
Rushes Natural Honey (Yaffa) bitch C/C 0/0 ok
pra1 & pra2 clear
ictyosis clear
opancl EXC3 CQ BB-4
Rushes Neverending Story (Klaara) bitch B/B 0/0 HC
pra1 & pra2 clear
ictyosis cleara
int EXC4
Rushes Next Joy (Fanny) bitch A/A 0/0 pra1 & pra2 clear ictyosis clear