Cindy's & Sälli's puppies were born 12.2.2012. 4 males and 5 females.

kuva 1,5 vuotta
Rushes Good Hennessy "Sälli"
Hips A/B, elbows 0/0, eyes OK
GR_PRA1 clear
Qualified in the field
Shows: intermediateclass Very Good
Owner: Marjo Kuusisto-Rajala, Louko

kuva Tiina Valonen
Rushes Fabulous Design "Cindy"
Hips C/C, elbows 1/1, eyes OK
Qualified in the field
Shows: openclass 3rd with Exellent

6,5 vko
Rushes Known Fashion

6 vko
Rushes Keen Hennessy

6 vko
Rushes Knock-Out Design

6 vko
Rushes Killing Joke

6 vko
Rushes Knotty Puzzle

6 vko
Rushes Knave

6 vko
Rushes Knitting Needle

6 vko
Rushes Knight Blacktoe

6,5 vko
Rushes Kind And Humble

Pictures Tiina Valonen


Rushes Good Hennessy A/B K0 SE CH Combine Hennessy A K0 GB CH Chinnordale Kirriebillie 6:6 K0
SE SH CH Combine Flames of Fantasy A K0
Rushes Cool Honey B K0 SE & FI CH Solstrimmans Song of Saga A K0
FI CH Goldencoat Honey'n Ice A K0
Rushes Fabulous Design C K1 FI CH Goldfellow Firepower B K0 FI & EE CH BH Fairfield Firefoxtrot B K0
FI CH & VPCH BH TK 2 Häämörin Leirituli B K0
Solstrimmans Sophisticated Design B K0 Kakis One Step Ahead A K0
SE SH CH Solstrimmans Dacapo Design B K0
Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Results
Rushes Keen Hennessy (Kenu) dog B/A 0/0 ok
gr pra1 & pra2 clear
Qualified in the field
work EXC2
Rushes Killing Joke (Walle) dog B/B 0/0 ok  
Rushes Knave (Casper) dog C/C 0/0 ok;  
Rushes Knight Blacktoe (Puhti) dog A/A 1/0 RD 3rd puppyclass
Rushes Kind And Humble (Tuikku) bitch C/C 0/0 ok  
Rushes Knitting Needle (Roosa) bitch B/B 1/1 distichiasis  
Rushes Knock-Out Design (Dana) bitch B/B 0/0 ok openclass VG
Rushes Known Fashion (Aada) bitch D/C 0/0 mrd Qualified in the field
openclass VG
Water rescue qualificationtest passed, 2 x 1st prize novicaclass
Rushes Knotty Puzzle(Unna) bitch A/A 0/0 ok