4 dogs and 2 bitches were born 28.4.2003

Pauclare Phylanderer "Max"
A/A,0/0,eyes OK
owner: Heidi Karves, kennel Karvin, Tampere

Goldencoat Honey'n Ice "Namu"
A/A,0/0,eyes OK

Jade 7 weeks
Rushes Another Honey B K0
Emma 7 weeks
Rushes After Eight A/B K0/K1
Pasi 7 weeks
Rushes Al Pacino
Archie 7 weeks
Rushes Arquebus A K0
Alpo 7 weeks
Rushes Albion B K0
Roope 7 weeks
Rushes Action Hero
INT & FIN & EST CH ESTV-02 Pauclare Phylanderer A K0 AUST CH Standfast Dream Ticket From Kerrien 6:4 GB CH Crowood Butch Cassidy 10:8
Darrachonna Tzarini of Standfast
Pauclare Pierian Spring 8:8 GB CH Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien 4:3
Sansue Bobbysocks of Pauclare 6:6
FIN CH Goldencoat Honey'n Ice A K0 INT & FIN CH V-00 Dream Max Drop Zone A K0/K1 Chribas Cannonball Caddy H
Sandusky Kiss and Tell H
FIN CH Goldencoat Touch of Ice B1 Linchael Red Admiral at Raynesgold A1
SF CH Hiekkakankaan Iceprincess X*
Name Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Results
Rushes Albion (Alpo) dog B/B 0/0 ok VG/4, died 7.12.2015
Rushes Arquebus (Archie) dog A/A 0/0 ok VG/3, died 9.5.2007 to kidney failure
Rushes Action Hero (Roope) dog C/D 0/0 mrd one testicle
died 9.5.2017
Rushes Al Pacino (Pasi) dog       one testicle, died 20.1.2005 to pneumonia
Rushes Another Honey (Jade) bitch B/B 0/0 ok BOB-puppy, EXL/ResCC
Qualified in the field
died 20.10.2018
Rushes After Eight (Emma) bitch A/B 0/1 mrd VG/4
died 27.6.2017